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Gaming & Office Chair with a Reclining High-Back {FINISHED}
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Gaming & Office Chair with Reclining High-Back

This top-of-the-range gaming and office chair is the perfect accessory for anyone who sits long hours at their desks working hard for hours on end, enjoys gaming for multiple hours, and regularly adjusts their chair to remain comfortable. This reclining high-back chair has a specialized cushion designed to reduce the amount of stress on your lower back when seated and to keep the back in a up-right position for a healthy posture while sat for prolonged periods of time. This amazing gaming chair is also equipped with a padded headrest to keep the head relaxed while your brain is working on your next move in an important video game or trying to write a perfect essay for a new job application. This black reclining chair has endless capabilities and feels like a reward every time you sit down. 

Gaming & Office Chair with a Reclining High-Back Features:

  1. Adjustable Headrest - This headrest gives full support to the head and shoulders of the users, and is a great use for muscle relief and stress. Perfect for a tiring day where you just want to relax and feel immersed in the chair. 
  2. Padded Flip-Up Arms - The adjustable armrests have a 90-degree turn on them whether you feel the most comfortable with or without the arms. Give your arms a rest after a long day and enjoy.
  3. Reclining High-Back - The ergonomic office and gaming chair has a wide range of movements for reclining to have accessibility to relax and enjoy your favorite movie or to sit up straight to improve your posture and maintain a healthy back and spinal cord, your Erectus spinae will thank you.
  4. PU Leather - The home office chair is equipped with some of the finest and most durable leathers there is, whether you have small children who have a tendency of spilling things or are clumsy yourself, any incidents or the chair can be dealt with easily and you can get back to what you was doing within no time.
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